Cashback on the casino games

Use the chance to return up to 10% of gambling losses

How does it work?

Gambling is a swing, where victory is replaced by defeats. But Mostbet gives its customers a chance to get rewards even if they lose! We care about our players and want them to enjoy playing and betting on our platform. Even if you have lost a lot over a certain period of time, we will allow you to win back your funds. Grab your cashback and play it all over again. Catch your luck on new bets!

Cashback is available for these competitions:

  • virtual casino
  • live casino
  • a pick of live games
  • virtual sports

What should I do to get this reward?

To do this, any of you can go to the Mostbet website and start playing the competitions from the list above. In case of failure, you will receive a cashback bonus at the beginning of next week. 

Current cashback types:

  • 5% – loss from 1000 RUB to 50 EURO
  • 7% – loss from 5000 RUB to 250 EURO
  • 10% – loss from 25,000 RUB to 1,000 EURO

How to apply the bonus in the game?

Once you receive the cashback bonus, win it back using your current balance. Also, you can transfer cashback to the main account, or place bets with bonuses in gambling games. If you are lucky and you have won an amount several times higher than the cashback bonus, you can withdraw the winning money to your card or wallet with a coefficient up to x10!

Terms and conditions of use the cashback from Mostbet

  1. The term cashback means the return of a set percentage of losses to the player’s account. The refund is credited every week on Mondays at 03:00 UTC+3.
  2. The amount of the refundable bonus is calculated based on bets in Casino games, Live Casinos, Virtual Sports, and Live Games. The calculation goes for a week. 
  3. To get cashback, the player must place bets in the amount of more than 1000RUB/50BYN/250UAH/100000UZS/30AZN/7500KZT/1000KGS/50US$/50EURO. 
  4. The amount of cashback is calculated based on the amount of the gambler’s loss on casino bets during the period of the promotion. The level of cashback for losses is:
  • below 1000RUB/50BYN/250UAH/100 000UZS/30AZN/7500KZT/1000KGS/50US$/50EURO – 0%
  • from 1000RUB/50BYN/250UAH/100 000UZS/30AZN/7500KZT/1000KGS/50US$/50EURO – 5%
  • from 5000RUB/250BYN/1000UAH/100 000UZS/150AZN/35000KZT/7500KGS/250US$/250EURO – 7%
  • from 25000RUB/1250BYN/10 000UAH/5 000 000UZS/750AZN/150 000KZT/35000KGS/1000US$/1000EURO – 10%
  1. You can get up to 100 000RUB/5000BYN/10 000UAH/5 000 000UZS/2500AZN/500 000KZT/100 000KGS/500US$/500EURO for one cashback! By the way, if you managed to win at least once during the billing period, cashback cannot be activated.
  2. The wager for cashback is x3. The user has only 72 hours to win it back. You win back the bonus with the funds of your existing balance on the Mostbet website.  
  3. To cancel the bonus, go to the Bonus section. This option is located in the personal account of any user. 
  4. If there are funds on both accounts at once, real and bonus, first bets are made from the funds of the gamer’s current balance. And this continues until the real account drops to zero points.
  5. Once the real balance is empty, the bonus account funds are automatically used to continue betting in the game. You will learn about the correct list of games where you can use bonuses if you go to the “Promotions and bonuses” section. 
  6. To cash out your winnings, you need to have a positive balance on a real account. All funds are withdrawn only from there. After you have created a withdrawal request, the bonus balance is reset to zero. 
  7. If the withdrawal is rejected for various reasons, the funds will be returned to the real account, but the bonuses will be lost.  
  8. Mostbet is an honest bookmaker and we expect honesty from our clients. If we suspect a player of fraudulent actions with bonus points, we have the right to refuse to award incentives. We also reserve the right to adjust the policy regarding dishonest players, up to the complete blocking of the account. At the same time, we do not reimburse the violator for funds, except for the amount of the initial deposit.