About basketball

With its swingy and fast-paced nature, basketball creates an exciting experience. This well-known game is played between two teams of five players who compete with the main goal – to throw a basketball through the hoop of the defender, preventing the opposing team from shooting a ball through their own ring. 

Also, the scale of competition makes it profitable as well, which is why basketball betting is currently a promising sphere. Everyone has heard of the National Basketball Association in the USA, which is worth 7 billion dollars and hosts about 22 million people every year. Basketball is just as popular in other parts of the world, too, with leagues like the Spanish Liga ACB, Heba A1 league in Greece, and Liga Nacional De Básquet in Argentina. 

This article will look at Mostbet as a basketball betting site and tell you everything you need to know about the sport and its potential for betting.

Upcoming Events

The regular season of the NBA has already started on October 20, 2021, and will last until April, after which the finals take place until June. With each team playing at least 82 games per season, you are free to choose from many opportunities to make money. 

Let’s look at the most promising ones:

DateTeam 1Team 2
Oct 26Miami HeatOrlando Magic
Oct 27Oklahoma City ThunderGolden State Warriors
Oct 27New York KnicksPhiladelphia 76ers
Oct 28Brooklyn NetsMiami Heat
Oct 31Philadelphia 76ersAtlanta Hawks

How to bet on basketball

Mostbet’s intuitive website and user-friendly mobile apps make it easier than ever to get into basketball betting for money. Here are all the important steps that you will need to take to start placing successful bets:

  1. Go to Mostbet’s website and choose ‘Line’ or ‘Live’ tabs;
  2. Find ‘Basketball’ on the left column;
  3. Choose the appropriate league or country from the dropdown list;
  4. Click on the match and pick one of the available bet options;
  5. Specify the bet amount on the right side of the screen and click on ‘Place a bet’.

Thanks to the great design of Mostbet’s mobile version, the same instructions apply if you prefer to use the basketball betting app.

Basketball Bet Lines in Mostbet

Mostbet’s basketball betting site offers a wide variety of bet types to choose from. Let’s see what they are all about:

Moneyline bets

With this one, you simply choose what team you think will win the match. As the two teams are not equally strong, the coefficient for each team is different. On Mostbet, the odds are expressed in decimal format.

Handicap bets

With such bets, you pick a number that will be added to the result at some point in the game or at the end of it. This number (a handicap) can be positive or negative, and a whole or half fraction — so you will see options like -0.5, -1.0, +2.5, and so on. A negative handicap is added to the host’s result, a positive handicap gets added to the guest’s result — and if the host or guest wins after this number is added, your handicap bet wins.


Here, you wager on a score being over or under some number. It might be the total score in the match, the score of one of the teams, the total score after a certain quarter or half of the match, and so on.


This gives you an option to choose if the score will be an odd or even number. Like with over/under bets, you have freedom in choosing between the total score, the total score of the specific team, and the score after some halves and quarters. 

Prop bets

Prop bets include every other aspect of the match that you can bet on. On Mostbet, this includes 1×2 betting, draw in any quarter, the digit in the score, the number of fouls, 3-point shots, and rebounds.

Basketball teams winning odds and team ratings 2021

Eastern Conference

There are 4 teams in the East that we believe have a great chance of winning the finals. They are:

  1. Milwaukee Bucks — it is enough to just mention that they were the champions last year, and nothing really changed for them, so we can expect the same great performance;
  2. Brooklyn Nets — last year the 2 of their strongest players, Kyrie Irving and James Harden, suffered from injuries and were not in the greatest shape. This time, after training optimally and being joined by Kevin Durant, the Nets can do awesome things;
  3. Philadelphia 76ers —     they almost got to the Eastern Conference finals last year, which is already pretty good. There are a lot of expectations on Joel Embiid, their promising front guard;
  4. Miami Heat — together with Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler, the new point guard Kyle Lowry could pose a threat to the leaders.

Western Conference

The West shows 2 very promising teams while 3 more can show great results:

  1. Los Angeles Lakers — now this is a team with a lot of stars: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Russe Westbrook, and Anthony Davis. All of them are ready to take down any opponent. Last season LeBron and Davis had serious injuries, which messed up the team’s performance, but both of these players are now healthy and ready to show their skills;
  2. Golden State Warriors — still a phenomenal team, GSW is a great force: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Moses Moody. You should definitely pay attention to a team with such names on it;
  3. Phoenix Suns — these guys were only two victories away from becoming the champions last year. There is definitely a chance that they will get to the finals, because their roster did not change in the off-season. They have seasoned players like Chris Paul and David Booker and young rising stars like Deandre Ayton;
  4. Los Angeles Clippers — making it to the last season’s Western Confrence finals was a great achievement. We have to mention that their main star, Kawhi Leonard, will be out for most of the season. This may cause difficulties for the Suns, especially if he doesn’t come back in time for the play-offs. Still, let’s not forget how strong this team is;
  5. Utah Jazz — they got shut down last year by the Clippers, who we just talked about above. However, many people believe that Donovan Mitchell is a great young player, and with support from strong three-point shooters like Jordan Clarkson and Bojan Bogdanovic, he will do a lot of damage.

The NBA Championship

Studying the strongest teams from both Conferences, we choose 4 favorites:

Name of the teamReason to win
Brooklyn NetsA strong trio in the roster
Los Angeles LakersA collection of very strong players
Milwaukee BucksLast year champions
Golden State WarriorsA team with great performance and a formidable roster

Basketball betting tips 2021

There is always room for improvement when you are betting on basketball. Here are some things we suggest you do to make the most out of your bets:

  • Focus on a specific market and learn everything about it. For example, choosing NBA and favoring a couple of teams is a good idea, as this league is very active and gives you a lot of opportunities;
  • Research the changes that happen during a preseason — placing better bets is easier when you know who got more promising players and who got weaker;
  • Check out the previous matches. Searching for the last 5 matches between the two teams will tell you who is more likely to win. Combined with your research, it will be easier for you to place a stronger bet;
  • Consider the circumstances — keep track of the teams’ schedules (maybe they have played many matches in a short period of time), what injuries their players might have got, the recent news about the team. All of this can make a difference in their playstyle and performance.

Betting on basketball in Mostbet app

Basketball betting online is also available via Mostbet mobile apps. They are available for Android and iOS smartphones, and here is how you can install them to win money from anywhere at any given time:


The Android app can not be installed on your gadget via Google Play Store as its rules do not allow the publication of real money applications there. To bypass that, we will need to allow your Android device to install apps of unknown sources. Do the following to download the app:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings;
  2. Choose ‘Security’;
  3. Turn on the ‘Unknown resources’ option;
  4. Follow the link;
  5. Click on the ‘Download for Android’ button;
  6. Choose ‘Install’ when the download is over.


  1. Open the App Store;
  2. Search for ‘Mostbet’;
  3. Click ‘Install’ on the app’s page.

This iPhone app is available for accounts that were registered in these countries:

  • Ukraine;
  • Armenia;
  • Cyprus;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Belarus;
  • Latvia;
  • Others — you can request the complete list from Mostbet’s Customer Service.

You can still enjoy the basketball betting app in India, though, by simply changing the location of your account to Cyprus. Mostbet’s official website provides the instructions for that on this page.

Other Sports on Mostbet

Basketball is a pretty big deal on Mostbet, but it sure isn’t the only kind of sports presented there. You can also bet on:

  • Traditional popular sports: football, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, baseball, handball, cricket, American football, rugby, billiard, water polo, chess, curling, futsal, table tennis, squash, floorball, and Gaelic football;
  • Martial arts, including boxing;
  • E-sports: Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, FIFA, NBA 2K, Starcraft Brood War, Valorant, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, King of Glory, Warcraft 3.


Does Mostbet provide free bets?

Yes, and you can receive them as part of a bonus by entering Mostbet’s promotions. You can easily get the info on the latest promotions by providing your email address in your profile. Here is another way to get a free bet: Place an accumulator bet by putting 7 or more events with a coefficient of at least 1.7 in your bet slip; You get a free bet for the entire amount if at least one of the events loses.

Is Mostbet legal in India?

Yes, it is completely legal and is a great option for basketball betting India. Like with any betting platform, you will need to provide certain documents to verify your account.

What currencies are used on Mostbet?

The available currencies are US dollars, euro, Indian rupees, and Bangladeshi Taka.

Is there a first deposit bonus?

You can get up to 300 USD as a 100% first deposit increase. To do that, do the following: During registration, select the type of bonus you would like: for casino betting or for sports betting; Make a deposit of at least 2 USD. A new user has 7 days to take advantage of this offer, but if you make a deposit in rupees within the first 30 minutes, the bonus becomes 125% instead.

What if I don’t want to bet on the NBA?

Even though the NBA is the biggest league in the world, you can choose to do your research in smaller fields, like other leagues in the world, college basketball, or women’s leagues like WNBA.