Football market: overlook

Football betting is like any other form of betting. Most people lose, if not quickly, then over some time. If there was a consistent way to profit from it, the bookies would not be offering the wide range of markets that they do.

That said, for a football fan, it can enhance your enjoyment of a game to have a (small) bet on the outcome. And if you have deep knowledge, it’s not inconceivable that you could have some wins.

Football is the name given to a game where you kick a ball into a target to score, where to score a goal, the ball must be kicked cleanly through two posts and not be touched by any part of a person, woodwork, or padding. There are many types of football, but the game that probably deserves the title by itself is UK Football – more commonly known as Soccer. 

Soccer has a strong presence among the UK and Indian fans, compared to American football. Soccer is all about creativity, while each player makes a different contribution. Therefore, what is most valued is the player’s unique contribution and way of doing things like his own skills, speed, ideas, etc.

However, soccer is more than just a game of athleticism. It is a game of skill, fitness, thoughts, and opportunity, all mixed into one. The great thing about soccer is that every game is different. Every second, a decision is made that changes everything that could and was going to happen in the game – that’s what makes soccer more interesting to watch and to play, unlike American football.

How to bet on football?

Football betting is one of the fundamental activities of most of the bookmakers’ regulars, each of them will be the situation of a thorough examination and test and could be monitored every day so that our listing of best soccer bookmakers is continually the most accurate. Below are the main aspects that should be taken into consideration while placing your football bet.

  1. The route of the volume of competitions available. As with each sport, the wide variety of tournaments and football leagues open to betting is one of the essential standards for deciding on the most pleasant football betting site.
  2. The second criterion concerns the bookmaker’s offers. Here, we have considered multiple additional standards, including the interface, the special systems, the styles of bets provided, or the assist and records available on the football betting app. 
  3. The interface is committed to football streaming. People usually prefer watching sports streams on YouTube for free, but there is always a chance to see the edited versions or fake old versions of the match. So it is important to know a football betting site that allows you to stream live action in real-time. 
  4. Quality of website design. We have appreciated the beauty and simplicity of the web page, the quality of video streaming, and the wide range of the odds versions. Often at this point, the exceptional football betting sites could be excellent betting websites in general.
  5. The fourth criterion, the chances of comparison. Using various websites, which provide football betting odds for players, gives you a possibility of critical evaluation. Also, if you are free to use your money for inside information on football betting odds – you can buy the data from a sports/odds data vendor and spend your time building an overview of the information you bought.
  6. Exceptional soccer promotions. Whether long-time period challenges, occasional promos around a few awesome football suits, or prediction contests, promotions are usually attractive and varied among bookmakers. 

Stay tuned for bookmaker’s updates. Make sure to follow the updates on promotions and discounts provided by the Mostbet betting platform – allow in-app notifications and subscribe for a newsletter to pick up the best bonuses for football betting.

Top football tournaments in 2021 

  • European Cups: the Champions League, English leagues just like the Premier League, or greater wonderful competitions just like the Major League Soccer (under the United States Soccer Federation) (April 3, 2021 – 28 October 2021);
  • The Chinese Super League (20 April 2021 – 28 November 2021);
  • Indian Premier League (already finished on 15 October 2021).

All of the competitions are available to bet on with Mostbet – website for football betting.

Top football teams to bet on in 2021 


Distinctive pros:

  • Chelsea has one of the passionate, dedicated managers in the form of Conte, who is like a warrior on the pitch. 
  • Football formation. Chelsea converted to a 3–4–3 system after a heavy loss at Emirates in the hand of their arch-rivals Arsenal.
  • The players got a new lease of life to flourish under this system where the excellent fullbacks move up and down to contribute both in attacking and defensive sense. 
  • After the Abramovich era, Chelsea never played a distinct style of football due to constant change of managers (approx. 12 managers), which also made the players accustomed to new ideas/ tactics.

Real Madrid

Distinctive pros:

  • They are the only club to win back-to-back Champions League titles and are top of UEFA’s club rankings. 
  • They enjoy royal patronage, as shown through the use of the word Real (Spanish for Royal) in their name, and are traditionally associated with the wealthy aristocrats of Madrid.
  • Famous players that have played for Real Madrid before include Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl González, Alfredo Di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás, Zinedine Zidane and Iker Casillas, amongst others.


Distinctive pros:

  • They are the second-most successful club in Spain in terms of titles and have a fierce rivalry with Real Madrid, known as El Clásico
  • Barcelona is historically associated with Catalonian culture and nationalism, which further puts them at odds with Real Madrid, which is associated with the central Spanish government in the capital.
  • Barcelona has had players and managers that are remarkably influential in the development of football and its tactics today. 
  • They are linked with the philosophy introduced by former player and later manager Johan Cruyff, whose legacy is still apparent today, not only in Barca’s gameplay but in countless other clubs whose managers have been inspired by Cruyff.

Manchester United

 Distinctive pros:

  • Based in Liverpool, Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in English football, winning a record 20 league titles, amongst multiple other cup titles. 
  • They are the first club in English football to have won a treble (League, Cup, European Cup), achieved in 1999. 
  • They are considered the most valuable football team worldwide at present, being valued at £2.86 billion.
  • Their most famous managers are Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson, legendary coaches in their own right. Famous players from their history include Bobby Charlton, George Best, Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney.

Boca Juniors

 Distinctive pros:

  • Argentina’s most successful club of all time, with 66 titles won to date. These include 32 league titles and 12 domestic cups. 
  • They have also won 18 recognized international trophies, making them one of the most successful football clubs worldwide.
  • Players that have represented them before, including Diego Maradona, Juan Román Riquelme, and Gabriel Batistuta, are all accomplished Argentinean internationals in their own right.

Winning odds football predictions in 2021

When it comes to football, the opposition is difficult among bookmakers. To stand out, some have decided to offer higher odds than others primarily based on competitions, wagers fit, or seasonality.

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Avg. odds are ~2.00, the win rate of ~65–70% and the Yield is ~30%. (as of October 2021).

Tips for football betting

Betting can become quite complicated because no matter how hard you try or want, you can not predict the future. Sure, using history, you’re bound to come across certain things that seem to be repeating themselves, but there are no guarantees.

Football betting (what Americans would consider soccer betting) does have a few things to pay attention to before you spend that money that you won’t miss, even if you lose.

  1. Position on the league table. Reviewing the league table is the easiest way to evaluate the chances of your bets, would it win or not. League tables give players not precise, but quite objective assessment on the upcoming performance of the teams engaged in a match.
  2. The current form of both teams is about to play. Making a little review on teams, the players’ conditions, the possible injuries they might have received before the match allows you to make an objective assessment of their current conditions (sometimes even factors like the upcoming divorce of a player plays a crucial role in terms of his performance).
  3. Venue of said match. Whether the football field is well-known for a team – would it be local or not – it has a great influence on the final performance. However, there is always an exception (example – final match of EURO 2020: where Italy won on a non-local venue – in the UK). 
  4. Days between matches. If 2 equally matched teams are about to face each other but one team has had a day (or more) of rest, chances are that they will perform better.
  5. Previous head to head. Is there bad blood between the teams, do you notice a Repeating theme in their matches? Do they both score, does his team always win, etc.
  6. If you see a team that’s got no value like a massive football betting odds on, then it’s pretty pointless.
  7. Availability of each team’s best player. This one is a no-brainer but you can be forgiven for not knowing since we doubt anyone can know all the best players of every team they ever bet for or against. That’s why you have to do your own research. It’s like the Cavs without Lebron, I’d bet against the Cavs.
  8. Never use odds ratios on a team that is playing away. The amount of teams that have not won in this situation is unbelievable.
  9. It’s better to bet on games you are going to watch live. Betting on a real-time event increases your possibility of winning due to the fact that bet can be placed on in the last minutes – where the outcome is pretty obvious. 

There are so many options in football betting that it gets overwhelming at times so the best way to manage this is to pick a certain market and focus on that. Something as straightforward as “both teams to score” it’s pretty simple, it’s either yes or no. Other options we suggest you use are over 2.5 goals and double chance.

Mostbet App for football betting

Placing bets on a mobile device is trendy these days, and many bookmakers have that option available. As for a newcomer to the betting market, we would like to bring your attention to the Mostbet football betting app. The App interface is well done and has essential features, necessary for placing your bet. The main advantage of Mostbet is that it is not overfilled with various in-app features, which disturbs you via in-App notifications during your plays (like in overhyped Parimatch or Betfair betting platforms).

Here are the other benefits of using the Mostbet platform:

  • You can settle your wager early before the end of the match at odds calculated by the bookmaker. This feature is especially useful whenever the team you place a bet on to win is down by three goals after the first half.
  • You can enjoy the possibility of placing wagers after the event has already started, and bookmakers made that possible. The feature is best, coupled with other features like cash-out and live streaming.
  • Mostbet have a wide range of sports and markets for their customers to choose from.

Additional sports for betting

Apart from football betting, numerous sports are worth trying to bet on online. According to the customer’s feedback, the following types of sports show the best betting outcomes:

  • Tennis (which is not often the object of cricket betting odds) could be better suited to your tastes;
  • Baseball;
  • Cricket;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Horse racing; 
  • Basketball.


What do I need to start betting in sports online?

You should learn some good strategies and focus on the risk management part. Also, based on professional bettors’ opinions, you can create your betting strategy, most suitable for you.

Where I could find the best odds for betting?

Sports betting aggregators/exchanges give the best winning odds because in this case, you are competing with other clients instead of competing with the house. You need to have the best odds so that you can win a great amount of money.

Is it legal in India to bet on sports online?

Yes. The law, which restricts Gambling activities, doesn’t cover the online betting sector.

Which is the best amount of money (INR/USD) to bet on to start with?

It’s really helpful to have a dedicated bankroll, regardless of whether you’re betting primarily for fun or for profit. There’s a couple of reasons. First of all, it will force you to stick to a budget. Also, in this case, you won’t end up spending money that you can’t afford to lose or that you need for something else.

What is the best time for betting – at the end of the match or at the beginning?

If you bet on live matches, the best bets are placed in the late minutes because the outcome is almost obvious.