What is tennis

The history of modern tennis dates back to the mid-19th century. The oldest competition, the Wimbledon Tournament, has been held from 1877 to the present day, while the first international competition, the Davis Cup, dates back to 1900. What’s more, tennis is an Olympic sport and the only winning tools used are a tennis racket, a ball, a sharp mind, and good physical fitness. 

The scoring in tennis is done by a special system and linked to a wristwatch. The aim is to get the ball across the net to your opponent’s side without the opponent being able to return it to you. The game or match itself is divided into periods called sets, each set is divided into games, and during a game, the points are tallied. 

The points are counted according to the principle of the point, the first and second service won by a player gives 15 points, the third 10. If one player scores 40 points and the other 30 or less, the next winning serve brings one game win.

Thus, this sport, with its rich and interesting history, easy rules, and international popularity, is a point of intersection between the gambler’s interest and the betting company Mostbet India.

Nearest events, dates in tennis 

Official tennis tournaments are slowly and surely getting back on track after the pandemic and lockdown. Today, the main problems remain that Australia requires compulsory vaccination, and there are still no spectators at all the tournaments. Tennis tournaments such as the Wimbledon Cup are a combination of women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles and singles events to determine the best male and female players. In 2021, the Wimbledon Cup was won by Ashley Barty of Australia and Novak Djokovic of Serbia. 

Two tournaments are relevant at the moment, one for the women’s WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) and one for the men’s ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals).


Tournament nameVenueDate of event
Kremlin Cup 2021Moscow, Russia18.10 – 24.10 
Tenerife Ladies Open 2021Tenerife, Spain 18.10 – 24.10
Courmayeur Ladies Open 2021Courmayeur25.10 – 31.10
Transylvania Open 2021Cluj-Napoca, Romania25.10 – 31.10
Upper Austria Ladies OpenLinz, Austria 06.11 – 12.11
Akron WTA Finals GuadalajaraGuadalajara, México 10.11 – 17.11 


Tournament nameVenueDate of event
Kremlin Cup 2021Moscow, Russia18.10 – 24.10 
European Open 2021Antwerpian, Belgium 18.10 – 24.10
Sent-Petersburg 2021Saint-Petersburg, Russia25.10 – 31.10
Vena 2021Vena, Austria 25.10 – 31.10
Basel 2021Basel, Switzerland 25.10 – 31.10 
Paris 2021Paris, France 01.11 – 07.11
Stockholm 2021Stockholm, Sweden 07.11 – 13.11
Final tournamentTurin, Italy 14.11 – 21.11 

How to bet on tennis at Mostbet India?

Forming a bet is an important technical step in betting, which is why legitimate betting companies follow a similar pattern, where Mostbet India is no exception. First of all, it is important to understand what game the player will be betting on and in which mode – whether it is online or pre-match. Then, you will need to follow these important steps:

  1. After the sports selection, choose the championship of your choice. 
  2. Open the desired match in the appeared section and study additional official information from the bookmaker to make sure the choice is correct.
  3. Choose the outcome of the match you are interested in and click on the appropriate odds.
  4. After that, the official website or mobile app will form a betting slip, which will appear on the screen. 
  5. Go to the coupon, double-check the type of bet and the odds, enter the amount and confirm your choice. You have now placed your bet, so the only thing left is just to wait for the results of the match.

Types of tennis betting events 

Today, tennis is an extremely popular sport not only in India but also in the whole world. Therefore, the cutting-edge and best betting companies offer players a huge number of different types of bets on this sport. This article has prepared information on all the types of bets that Mostbet India offers to players.

  •  Winning bet is the main bet and is offered in any sport. User bets on a tennis player to win a match or any tournament. Moreover, there is an option to bet on a player to win a set. 
  • Betting on the total more or less is also offered by the company for all sports and allows the player to bet on the number of sets or points scored by the players. The main difference from the exact score is that the gambler sets the intended frame of the score. 
  • A handicap is a bet in which a certain event during a tennis match is given a notional advantage or disadvantage. 
  • Even or odd is a bet on the value of the selected score. For example, that the game will end in an even number of sets.
  • The exact score allows the player to predict the exact outcome of the match based on analysis. 
  • Mostbet India offers the possibility to bet on other non-sport-related games. For example, on the appearance of the medical staff or something else.

Team rankings in tennis 2021

Athletes are ranked based on their participation in official international and national competitions or tournaments. In tennis, there are two rankings for men and women – ATP and WTA. Thus, we have prepared the top 10 female and male athletes.


Sportsmen’s nameCountry Points 
1Novak Djokovic Serbia11430
2Daniil Medvedev Russia9630
3Stefanos Tsitsipas Greece7995
4Alexander Zverev Germany6930
5Rafael Nadal Spain5635
6Andrey Rublev Russia5560
7Matteo Berrettini Italy4858
8Dominik Thiem Austria3815
9Kasper Ruud Norway3615
10Hubert Gurkacz Poland3378


Sportsmen’s nameCountry Points 
1Ashley BartyAustralia9077
2Arina SobolenkoBelarus7115
3Karolina PliskovaCzech Republic5320
4Barbora KreychikovaCzech Republic4748
5Garbine MuguruzaSpain4425
6Elina SvitolinaUkraine4096
7Maria SakkariGreece4005
8Ons YabeurTunisia3500
9Belinda BencicSwitzerland3365
10Naomi OsakaJapan3326

Tips for tennis 2021 betting 

Tennis is a sport that can be analyzed and bet on. The advantages of betting on tennis are that there are no draws and it is a single or doubles sport. What’s more, tennis has a minimal influence on the referees on the outcome of the match and a huge number of wildcards that will allow you to catch high odds live and win money. 

No one can help your win from placing wagers on tennis, as the sport is still highly unpredictable. However, consideration of the following factors is vital. 

Pre-match analysisPopular bets
The athlete’s current form and play in previous tournamentsResult of the match
Quality of the player’s serve, play on the receiving end, etc.Total
Psychological conditionHandicap
Micro Injuries Bets on tie-break
Opposition statsBets on stats
Weather conditions during the matchLong-term bets on tournament or championship
Motivation to winBetting on contingencies

Mosbet tennis betting app

Following global trends, Mostbet India has developed its mobile app, which makes it even more convenient to use the company’s services on hand in any country where there is internet access. The mobile app is a compact version of the official website and is designed with the basic principle of customer-friendliness in mind. Moreover, the developers are constantly working on updates to ensure a perfect experience while using the application. 

The Mostbet India mobile app is designed specifically for phones of any performance for platforms such as Android and iOS. First of all, you can find and download the mobile app from the official website in its special section, but you may experience difficulties during the installation, so make sure to follow the following instructions: 

  1. Find the mobile app in the special section of the official website and after selecting the required Android or iOS operating system, download it to your phone. 
  2. Allow your mobile device to install the Mostbet app. You don’t have to worry about viruses, as the company officially operates under the Curacao license and guarantees full security.
  3. Once you have installed the Mostbet app on your phone, log in or register. Deposit funds into your account and start betting on tennis. 

It is important to mention that while for iPhone users, the mobile app is available in the App Store, for Android users, it is not possible to download the app from the Play Market due to Google’s policy towards all betting companies. 

Other sports available on Mostbet India

In times of globalization, sports are becoming increasingly internationalized and globalized. Therefore, Mostbet India offers players to bet on sports like football, hockey, tennis, cricket, volleyball, and many others. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has opened up cybersports to the world, on which a gambler can also bet at Mostbet India.


Can I trust Mostbet India?

Yes, you can, as the company is officially licensed by Curacao and guarantees full security of your data and funds.

Does Mostbet India offer bonuses?

Yes, the bookmaker offers a welcome bonus on your first deposit and various promotions.

Can I register my account under another person?

No, you can’t because your identity has to be approved during the verification process.

What is the minimum deposit amount of money?

The minimum deposit is 300 rupees.

Does Mostbet India have a mobile app?

Yes, a mobile app designed for both Android and iOS can be downloaded from the dedicated section on the official website.