What is boxing?

Boxing is one of the oldest sports on the planet. The first official boxing competitions date back to 688 BC and were held in the former Olympic Games. Boxing is extremely popular around the world to this day, due to its passion, fighters’ total dedication and wide coverage. It’s hard to overestimate the spectacle of these sports, as well as how many people around the world choose boxing betting for money. It’s no wonder that some boxers are considered the richest people in the world – their fees are millions of dollars, mostly because of the flood of betting in boxing.

Types of boxing betting

Betting on the result. In boxing, as in any competition, there is a winner and a loser. Betting on boxing results is the main type of bet. Often, on betting lines, there is only one (win one or second boxer). However, there are cases of fixing ties (rarely).

On bet lines, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a tie. If not, it’s best to see the bookmaker’s rules – how it calculates the bet in boxing if there is a draw.

Bet on round totals. In professional boxing, there are usually 12 rounds. Betting on total rounds is a bet on how many rounds the fight will last. If we have strong knockouts ahead of us, there may only be a few rounds. If there are more technical fighters in the ring, the fight could last 12 full rounds.

Betting on how the fight ends. A boxing match can end in several ways: win by knockout, win by technical knockout (the opponent cannot continue the fight), disqualification of the opponent, refusal of the opponent to continue the fight, by points or technical decision of the judges. In this betting category, it’s also best to study the bookmaker’s rules – how it will assess a specific fight ending.

Other boxing bets come in big fights for titles. Here, you can bet on the outcome of each particular round or on which round the fight will end. In addition, some bookmakers are ready to offer extended betting options, such as which boxer will be knocked down and in which round.

Secrets of Boxing Betting

  • Bet on a competent boxer who chooses the right tactics and distributes forces at a distance. A smart fighter will adjust to his opponent and start dictating his own terms.
  • The commercial attractiveness of the athlete. Boxing is not only a sport and show, but also a business. When a fighter is promising, they help him to break through to the professional level. Referee killings and show fights are not uncommon.
  • Anthropometry is not a primitive way of assessing it. Consider natural weight, not weight gain from diet and exercise. Evaluate visually at weighing. Also, don’t forget about the height and length of your arms.
  • Bet on a strong-willed fighter. Often the outcome of a confrontation is determined by persistence. Remember willpower. As they say, strong is not the one who hits, but the one who holds the blow. A tough nut to crack is never easy.

Don’t rely on hitting. Knockout is good, but only with the right opponent. A competent fighter will not let him and will not allow him to be knocked out with one blow.

Boxing betting strategies

Due to the specifics of this sport and taking into account the fact that there are, in principle, not so many options for the development of events, there are relatively few strategies for betting on boxing. But, they are, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular.


The bottom line is to bet on the outsider until he wins. The odds are over 10-12. Support any choice with analysis. In case of an unsuccessful bet, increase the next deal taking into account the current losses (use the financial strategy catching up). The strategy is very risky, so you can bet on it in amounts no more than 1-2% of the deposit.

Oscar Grind Method

The bottom line is that the amount of the initial bet on a win remains unchanged, but decreases on a loss. The minimum coefficient is 2.0. Read more about the Oscar Grind system in a separate review.

Boxing forks

The bottom line is betting in different bookmakers on two events in order to get a guaranteed win. American bookmakers underestimate European boxers. Also in the US, fans are betting a lot, creating distortions. Because of this, inflated odds and sure-bets appear.

For example, for the victory of boxer A, “Mostbet” offers a coefficient of 2.1, and for the victory of fighter B, the other bookmaker has set the coefficient of 2.15. If you bet the same amount on each outcome, you will earn 10 or 15% of the size of one trade.


The bottom line is betting on the favorite knockout with a combination with catch-up. You bet for a knockout in the 3rd round. If this does not happen, then fill out an identical deal, increasing its size. If you win, you return the losses and make a profit. The main thing is to choose the right battle, in which there are great chances of an early victory in the middle of the battle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Boxing Betting

It is an individual sport in which the fighter is on his own. There are no teammates whose mistakes can affect the result.For many fights there is a list only with bets on the outcome, and some bookmakers put up a line only for the most status fights.
In most cases, there is a lot of information about fighters for pre-match analysis.In boxing, any opponent can win with a lucky strike.
Periodic referee scandals, when the victory is given to a local athlete or favorite, although his opponent looked better.

Mostbet review

The company was created 12 years ago – in 2009. Mostbet’s bookmaker operates officially. It is known that the company was founded in Malta. Mostbet’s headquarters are registered in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. The bookmaker only operates online – there are no physical spots to place bets. The strategy is understandable, as more and more people have opted to place bets via a mobile phone or computer.

The company has been licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission. Thanks to this, Mostbet can operate all over the world. All gambling market leaders use this license. According to Mostbet’s official website, more than 1 million players are registered on it, as the number of daily bets exceeds 800,000. Players are served by around 150 employees – they are the technical support team and IT specialists.

Mostbet gives one of the best offers for boxing betting and does its best to satisfy its customers.

How to register at Mostbet

To start your betting journey at Mostbet you need to log in to the site. The registration procedure is simple and can be completed in 1 or 2 minutes.

There are three ways to log in:

  • Telephone. You need to enter your phone number, in the promotional code.
  • You will need to enter your email address, create a password and confirm it. You can also enter a promotional code.
  • Social networks. Mostbet entry will be via a social media account using API – your personal data will remain safe and sound.

After registering, you will automatically log into your Mostbet personal account. The player will have access to all the features of the bookmaker.

How to place boxing bets?

We have provided the instructions for betting in Mostbet:

  1. In the line above or in the “Sports” section of the main menu, select Boxing;
  2. Select the desired battle and click on it to open the list;
  3. Click on the outcome you are interested in by adding it to the bet slip;
  4. Enter the amount in the coupon on the right and click “Place a bet”.

Mostbet Android application for boxing betting

The Mostbet team understands very well that more and more people prefer to place bets using mobile phones – as computers have been used less and less for this purpose. The bookmaker has developed a mobile version that opens automatically when you access the site by phone. The version adapts to any screen resolution.

For your convenience, you can install Mostbet on Android. The application has the same functionality as the website version. You can download Mostbet for Android from the company’s official website, in the “Applications” section.

You need to click the “download” button. Next, you need to open the apk file that will be downloaded to start the installation. The procedure takes a few minutes.

In particular cases, the installation may not start. This is due to the limitations of the Android operating system. It is possible to download Mostbet for free only from the company’s website – for now, the application is not available on Google Play. For this same reason, the mobile phone can also deny the installation of the application from an unreliable source. The program’s users don’t complain about viruses, so you can proceed with the installation safely. To do so, you must allow the installation of applications from untrusted sources. In the screenshot below, you can see how this can be done.

As soon as you install the application, you can change the settings.

After completing the installation, you will be asked to log in to your account or create a new account.

Mostbet support

All bookmakers have access to Mostbet technical support. Managers are ready to answer any questions regarding the functionality of the site. There are several ways to contact technical support:

  • When writing in online chat;
  • When sending an email;
  • When calling the indicated number.

Chat can be found on the website or in the app. 24 hours a day online consultants can help you resolve any issues. For example, if you don’t understand the functionality or cannot find something on the site, then you can get in touch with an operator. To do this, you need to send the question and a free official will respond within a minute.

If you have a problem that cannot be described in a short way – use email or phone. Mostbet’s official support email and phone number can be found in the contacts section. In a message or call, you need to describe the problem in full detail. The operator will offer you possible solutions.

Don’t be rude, don’t insult tech support staff. Be polite and friendly, then you will be attended to in a corresponding way.


Collect as much data as possible about boxers and the upcoming fight. Only bet if you have done a comprehensive analysis. High-level fights are not often organized, so you won’t be able to consistently make money on one box.

This is an individual sport where psychology decides a lot. Unstable fighters lose the fight even before the starting bell. Take into account the peculiarities of boxing, the individual parameters of the athletes (technique, tactics, anthropometry, age), motivation, the place of the fight and the judges. Remember that betting success is entirely up to you.

And do not neglect betting with the best bookmaker in India who offers the best conditions for boxing betting – Mostbet. Visit the official Mostbet website and earn your winnings!


Is it possible to bet on boxing in Mostbet?

For sure! In Mostbet you can find the best boxing betting odds and moreover Mostbet offers a customer-friendly mobile application for boxing betting

Is it legal to bet on boxing?

By placing your bets you do not violate any law.

How to contact Mostbet support?

To contact Mostbet 24/7 support you can select one of the available methods: Online chat Email Phone Don’t be rude, don’t insult tech support staff. Be polite and friendly, then you will be attended to in a corresponding way.