What are Esports

Esports is a discipline in which players compete against other players in virtual space. Typically, participants compete within a particular virtual game. People who are engaged in e-sports are called cyber sportsmen. 

10 years ago no one treated cybersport as an official sport, but now it is quoted as an official sport. According to a study by the analytical company Newzoo, the revenues of the cybersport industry will exceed $ 1 billion in 2022. 

Tournaments in the esports industry

A huge boost to the development of eSports gave the company Valve. In 2011, the company held a tournament in the game discipline “Dota 2”. The prize fund of this tournament was $1,600,000. Even when this tournament was first announced, few people took it seriously. However, the tourney was held and that’s when people paid attention to cybersport. 

After that, the company began holding this tournament every year and the excitement around eSports started to grow exponentially. So what do we see in 2021? Valve’s tournament fund this year is already $40,018,195, which is an impressive amount of money. This prize fund is distributed among the highest-ranked teams. Below you can find a brief description of how the money is distributed among the teams.

2022 Dota 2 International Championship prize fund

Tournament place1st position2nd position3rd position4th position5th/6th position7th/8th position9th-12th position13th-16th position17th-18th position
Amount of reward 18 208 300 $5 202 400 $3 601 600 $2 401 100 $1 400 600 $1 000 500 $800 400 $600 300 $100 000 $

At this point, this tournament is already coming to an end. It began on October 7, 2021. Eighteen different teams had been invited to this competition. Even for 18th place, a team receives $100,000. 

But Dota 2 is not the only discipline in the tournament. The table below includes all types of eSports disciplines in which tournaments take place:

eSports disciplinesValorantCs:goDota 2League of LegendsOverwatch
King of GloryRainbow SixStarcraft 2Starcraft BroodwarWarcraft 3

How to esports betting in 2022

Esports betting in 2022 is very easy. You just need to find a convenient site with the right amount of bets and a nice interface. We recommend the esports betting site Mostbet. On this website, you can find all of the eSports disciplines listed above. The Mostbet esports betting site is very easy to use and if you don’t understand something, you can always contact the support team for help.

You can deposit money to your account at Mostbet using the following methods:

  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • Qiwi;
  • WebMoney;
  • ecoPayz;
  • Bitcoin.

After making a deposit, you can bet on the type of esports game you are passionate about. Once you place a wager on a preferred cybersports match, the money from your account will be deducted. In case the team you placed your money on wins, your money will be multiplied by the betting coefficient. So what to do if you’ve already placed some good bets and want to withdraw your money? Luckily, you can withdraw money from your account at any time! Withdrawals by bank transfer can take up to 5 days, while other withdrawals will be less than 24 hours.

Kinds of eSports Stakes

If you thought that esports betting for money wouldn’t be profitable compared to regular sports wagering, you’re wrong. At Mostbet, you will find an incredible selection of competitive cybersports bets:

  • Match-winner. A simple form of cybersports wagering. You merely place a bet on a particular team in a cybersports event. In case you are just starting to wager on eSports, this option will definitely suit you;
  • Tournament winner. If you see a championship in any cybersport discipline, you can bet on the victor of the event. Usually, esports betting odds on such bets are very high since a large number of teams are involved in the tourney;
  • Score. Quite a specific kind of bet. It depends on the game discipline. You can bet on which team will make 10 kills first or how many rounds the match will end in;
  • Top player/MVP. That’s a wager on the highest scoring person in the game. Just like in regular sports, professional cyber athletes have skills, and then if you know the person plays well, you can place a successful bet;
  • First map. A bet can be filled not for the entire match but only for the first map;
  • First kill or First blood. That’s a bet on which command will make the opening frag of the map. Various teams have their own style of play. Some play aggressively from the start, while others hold their ground and wait. So in case you know that the players of a certain team will play aggressively, you can bet that the game will open by killing a definite team;
  • Accumulator bets. Your wager is on the winners of several consecutive matches. The coefficients for that wager type are usually higher since you have to forecast the end results of many events;
  • System bets. These are analogous to accumulation wagers, but different from combi-bet. If either of the teams you placed wagers on loses, you don’t lose the whole amount;
  • Live betting. It is a very convenient way of placing bets. This way, you can watch the current game and place successful bets on the team during the match. It’s very handy because when you watch one team beat, you can bet on it right away and get some easy money.

And these aren’t even all forms of cyber sports betting. You see, the number of bets on cybersports is no less than the number of bets on regular sports. Perhaps, the number of esports bets is even greater.

eSports Team Rankings in 2022

As in all sports, some teams play better and some play weaker. Let’s take a look at the best teams in the world’s most famous eSports disciplines.


In CS:GO, a team’s effectiveness is measured in points. Here is a list of the top CS:GO teams in 2022:

Team nameNatus VincereGambitVitalityG2Faze Clan
Number of points1000509442427403

As you can see, the Natus Vincere team has a good lead over its competitors. Now, they win almost every match.

Dota 2

Let’s take a look at the Dota 2 teams in terms of prize money:

Team nameOGTeam LiquidEvil GeniusesPSG.LGDNewbee
Prize money$33 938 823$23 873 650$20 765 879$16 674 538$11 932 305

Esports win betting Tips 2022

It is convenient to bet on cybersports teams at the time of the tournament, as usually, cybersports teams prepare for tournaments in advance. Tournaments in cybersports disciplines are held regularly. 

Let’s take a look at esports win betting on Dota 2. At the moment the strongest teams are from the Chinese region, so we advise you to bet on teams from this region. PSG.LGD is one of the strongest teams in the Chinese region. At the Dota 2 International 10 tournament, this team made it to the finals. It is also one of the highest-ranked teams in terms of the amount of money won in championships and games against other teams. The players of this team are in good shape and are constantly practising. This team is successful, and the esports betting odds on it will be high.

If you would like to take a closer look at some other commands, though, you are welcome to bet on the OG team. This team has been a Dota2 International championship finalist two times in a row. 

Now let’s analyze the bets on CS:GO. In this discipline, it is worth looking at a team like Natus Vincere. The players of this team are constantly at the top of the best professional cyber athletes. In July 2021, Natus Vincere won the IEM Cologne 2021 tournament. The team received $400,000 for first place.

Mostbet eSports betting app

Esports betting online on the Mostbet esports betting India website is convenient, but it’s much easier to do in the mobile app. You can find the esports betting online app from the official esports betting India website Mostbet.com. 

To start esports betting for money in the Mostbet app, you need to find the installation file of the app. It is located on the official website of Mostbet. After downloading, you just open the app, register a new account, make a deposit and that’s it, you’re ready to use the eSports betting app. 

You can get a great assortment of promotions as well as bonuses in the Mostbet app. The app not only has bonuses on your debut deposit, but you can also find bonuses on your second and third deposits. Also, in the app, you can do different challenges. They may include: betting on a certain match, placing express bets, etc. When you perform such tasks, you will receive additional rewards. As you see, Mostbet is loyal to its customers. So esports betting app in India is one of the best solutions on the betting app market.


Is it risky to bet on the bookmaker’s office Mostbet?

When you register with a licensed and trusted betting site such as Mostbet, the information you share is encrypted using 3D Secure and is never shared with third parties. Consequently, there is no risk involved.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals through the Mostbet app?

Of course, you can. You can do all your transactions both on the website and in the app, Mostbet software is pretty fast.

Can I deposit money into my account using the SKINPAY payment system?

You can use Steam items as currency. Replenishment of the game account and withdrawal of funds are instant.

Can I have multiple mostbet accounts?

Unfortunately, no, site policy prohibits creating more than one account.