Asia Cup 2023 Betting on Mostbet

What is Asia Cup?

AFC Asian Cup or ACC (Asian Cup Cricket) is an international cricket tournament that takes place every two years. It is one of the most thrilling and awaited cricket events in the whole of Asia. 

Asia Cup 2023 will be played in the T20 format in the United Arab Emirates, even though it was set to take place in Sri Lanka. 

Six countries are participating in the 15th edition of the Asia Cup – Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong. Three other countries –  Kuwait, Singapore, and UAE will play a qualifying match, and the winner will join the rest. 

The six teams are further split into two groups, with their matches set to happen at 7.30 p.m. Indian Standard Time.

India, Pakistan, and the qualifier team will play in Group A. Group B consists of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. 

Asia Cup Scheduled Games in 2023

All matches in the Asia Cup.

Asia Cup cricket fans can enjoy their favorite teams competing for victory for as many as 15 days. The tournament began on August 27th and will continue until the finals are set to take place on September 11th.

Here is the Asia Cup 2023 schedule to follow not to miss any of the fun:

India vs. Pakistan28th of AugustGroup A
India vs. Hong Kong31st of August
Pakistan vs. Hong Kong2nd of September
Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan27th of AugustGroup B
Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan30th of August
Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh1st of September
B1 vs. B23rd of SeptemberSuper 4
A1 vs. A24th of September
A1 vs. B16th of September
A2 vs. B27th of September
A1 vs. B28th of September
B1 vs. A29th of September
11th of SeptemberFinal

How to Bet on Cricket: Asia Cup Betting Tips 2023

Aisa cup betting tips.

Starting to place bets on the Asia Cup is straightforward with Mostbet. Here are some simple Asia Cup betting tips for 2023 to get you started playing:

  • Create an account on MostBet’s official site;
  • Search the sports section to find the Asia Cup tournament.
  • Select the Asian Cup game on which you want to place bets;
  • Click to open the game;
  • Select the types of bets you want to place;
  • Place your bet, and you are good to start Asia Cup betting for money.

In the sports section where bettors can place stakes on Asia Cup, live and line betting options are available. If you opt for line betting, you can place your bets before the game starts. With Live betting, you place your bets live as the game is happening. 

What are the Betting Markets Available for Asia Cup?

Betting Markets Available for Asia Cup.

There is a vast range of bet types available for the Asia Cup across online bookmakers. At Mostbet, bettors can choose from the following vast range of available bet types, such as;

  • Main Result – bettors can choose whether team 1 or 2 will win, or the game will end with a draw.
  • Totals – bettors can predict the number of runs in a given match.
  • Tournament Winner – bettors need to place their stake on the team that will win the whole tournament series.
  • Best Bowler or Batsman – bettors can bet on the best bowler or the best batsman in the game.

Those kinds of Asia Cup bets are popular among cricket bettors. You can also check out and try many other types, such as individual total, double chance, draw, Asian handicap, etc.

What are the Top Teams with the Best Rating in 2023?

Asia cup top teams.

Before placing bets on Asia Cup Cricket, it is essential to know the teams and players participating in them. Researching their game history, scores, strengths, and weaknesses is a must for bettors wanting to place reasonable and well-thought-out bets. 

Regarding Asia Cup betting, India has been the favorite in the tournaments so far, winning as many as seven titles. 

Another very successful team to watch in Sri Lanka, with five titles in their pocket. 

It is also worth checking out the Bangladesh team since they have improved a great deal and made it to the finals twice, playing against India for the title.

Here is a list of the Asia Cup Cricket teams with the highest ratings and the most titles earned so far.

TeamNumber of Asia Cup Titles Won
Sri Lanka5

What are the Betting Odds for Asia Cup Teams?

betting odds on the asia cup in the Mostbet.

All six countries participating in the tournament have fantastic teams. However, the defending champion, India is the number one betting favorite for the Asia Cup 2023 tournament since they have consecutively won the last two Asia Cup titles. That being said, Pakistan is also among the tournament’s favorites, with a decent chance to win the games, and takes second place on the Asia Cup odds table. 

Have a look at Asia Cup betting odds for all the teams before placing your bets on one team or another.

6.50Sri Lanka

It is important to note that the odds can vary between online bookmakers. So, make sure you do some research and pick the best ones to get the Asia Cup win betting right.

Tips For Betting On Asia Cup 2023 

Before you can venture into Asia Cup betting online, it is a good idea to have a strategy to guarantee an enjoyable and stress-free betting experience. Here are some tips we put together for you to use when betting on Asia Cup Cricket.

  • Know the team you want to bet on – watch some of their games, research their scores, and betting odds.
  • Read about the team players, their injuries, or team news to see the bigger picture before betting.
  • Choose a trustworthy and legal online bookmaker or betting app to place bets.
  • Live match bets can be less risky compared to pre-match bets. 
  • Set a fixed budget to avoid overspending.
  • Spread your budget between Asia Cup games and teams instead of betting everything at once.
  • Research and understand the types of betting odds and how they work on your Asia Cup betting site.

Mostbet Mobile App – The Best Asia Cup Betting App

The Best Asia Cup Betting App

Mostbet App is India’s best Asia Cup betting app if you are excited to start placing bets. It is simple and smooth to use. Here are the simple steps to use the Mostbet App to bet on your favorite Asia Cup team:

  • First, ensure your device has the Mostbet Asia Cup betting app. 
  • Next step is registering and signing in to your account. 
  • Deposit money to start betting (minimum deposit amount is 300 rupees).
  • Choose Cricket from the list of all available sports or use the filter for a quicker search. 
  • Select the Asia Cup match you are looking forward to seeing and select ‘Go to bets.’
  • The last step is placing your bets. Once you click on the odds, your bet will be automatically added to the coupon. Just set the bet amount, click ‘Place a bet,’ and you are good to go

MostBet accepts express bets, single bets, or systems. All you have to do to add more or a different bet type to your coupon is choose the available betting market by clicking on its odds. With this Asia Cup betting app real money through your bets will be won in no time.

Advantages of Betting on The Asia Cup with Mostbet

Advantages of the Asian cup betting on the Mostbet.

There are many advantages bettors can get by choosing to place their bets on MostBet. 

Here are some of the most valuable ones to consider.

Betting Limits are HighThe betting limits can go very high, minimum of 1.500.000 
Detailed LineBettors are given a minimum of 90-100 betting options for some matches
Big BonusesUsers can get 100% on their first deposit, free bets bonus, and many more bonuses
Low MarginMargins do not exceed 7% for pre-matches and 9% for live matches

Keeping all the advantages offered in mind, it is a perfect time now to support your favorite Asia Cup team and enjoy betting on their games online with Mostbet.


When is the Asia Cup for 2023?

The Asia Cup tournament starts on August 27th and lasts for 15 days. The final is on September 11th.

Who is the Asia Cup favorite team?

This year’s favorite Asia Cup betting 2023 team predicted to win is India.

Can I get high odds on Asian Cup on the MostBet app?

MostBet provides competitive odds for Asian Cup, similar to other bookmakers.

How can I bet on the Asia Cup online?

Asia Cup betting online is simple; follow these easy steps to place your bet: Choose an online bookmaker, such as Mostbet; Create an account; Select the Asian Cup game you want to place bets on; Click to open the game; Place your bet.

How many matches does the Asia Cup have?

The Asia Cup has 13 matches in total.