How to Become a Partner of Mostbet

Webmasters who have already started working with Mostbet have already received millions of dollars in payouts. Tens of thousands of new players come to us every day thanks to affiliate invitations. This kind of partnership is beneficial for everyone, of course. Affiliates have a choice of the type of commission they would like to have: up to 60% for life, or $75 in total. You can even combine these figures to stay in their favor. The reliability of this partnership is guaranteed by the official registration in Nicosia, so you can have peace of mind about the legal basis.

It’s very easy to advertise Mostbet’s product because the favorable terms speak for themselves. A new player will not have to endure a painful registration, translate user terms and conditions in an unknown language or set up a VPN. As soon as the short registration is complete, newcomers will have access to all the features of the Mostbet ecosystem: sports betting, casino, and other cash games. You don’t even need a computer to get it all – the bookmaker has an optimized mobile app for the most popular platforms. Even if there are any difficulties during registration they can always be promptly solved by the online support service. Mostbet keeps its reputation since 2009 and the Curacao license confirms safety for all players. Those who are still in doubt will definitely be attracted by the bonus of up to $350 on their first deposit.

What are the Peculiarities of the Mostbet Partnership?

If you partner with Mostbet, all you need to do is introduce the player to the services. The bookmaker will gladly accept a new member and do all the rest. The bonus system is designed so that a really interested player won’t be able to pass by and make at least one bet. Next, you will receive a fixed reward of $ 75 or a percentage of bets. Initially, it is 30%, but we are interested in a quality long-term partnership and we offer an increase in payments up to 60% of the best.

Affiliate Payouts

Webmasters who refer customers to Mostbet can be sure they’ll get their share of the profits because the terms and conditions we offer are very flexible.

Up to 60% refunds from the money lost during betting.

Fixed $75 for completing a number of actions (registrations and bets).

You can even combine and get part of the money at once and part of the betting.

Payouts in percentages are the most popular among Mostbet partners, and there is a good reason for that. Payout as a percentage of the lost money means the webmaster will get income every time a player he transfers makes a bet. When the number of such regular players grows, the webmaster may increase his commission. However, a generous 30% will be available to you as soon as you register as an affiliate, without any additional conditions. This method of remuneration shows itself best over a distance of months and years. Some players bet all their lives, and if you’re the one who brought them in, you’ll get a percentage all the time. Also, there is always a risk of attracting a player only for one time, so let’s pay attention to the second type of remuneration.

Extended Partner Reward Functions of Mostbet

The second type of reward implies a single payment for a single action. Of course, a single action like betting on an event also means registering a new player and making a deposit. Usually, newbies are seduced by a big welcome bonus so they will definitely make one bet and bring you money. The size of remuneration, as in the first type of payment, depends on the terms of cooperation with a particular webmaster. If you bring a lot of people who are active, you can expect that the payout for each new player will grow to $75. However, keep in mind that all subsequent bets will not bring you any additional reward even if the player will play on your referral link for the rest of his life. Perhaps you want to combine one-time and percentage payouts?

The third type is designed to find the golden mean. You can get a small one-time reward and a stable interest in all subsequent games of the referred client. Payment conditions and rates can improve depending on the quality of traffic the webmaster generates.

Mostbet Parnet Registration

Becoming a member of Mostbet is easy. The registration form is straightforward, you just need to enter your full name and password:

  • Your full name.
  • Active email;
  • A unique password;
  • A convenient way to get in touch (e.g. Telegram).

After you’ve read the terms of the agreement, simply check to make sure you’re familiar with them. If all went well you will find a letter of activation at the mailbox which you have specified at registration.

Follow the link in the letter to your personal cabinet where you can start working. Here you will get acquainted with the main functions of the interface and find your personal manager. You can contact him using any convenient means of contact specified in your personal cabinet. Your manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you all earn more.

The requirement to be met for the affiliate program

  • You must be of legal age (18/21 years old, depending on your country)
  • This is your first registration at Mostbet as an affiliate.
  • Do not register a game account through your own referral link.
  • Report where you refer clients from if you have any doubts