About Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a fast-paced team sport in which the players move on the ice with skates. This type of sport requires the use of the puck, which is a black hard rubber disc that players try to shoot into the goal with their stick.

Ice hockey is a very intense yet exciting sport. The players are usually only on the ice for about a minute at a time and are then replaced again. In ice hockey, there are 6 players on the ice for each team at the same time, and one of them is the goalkeeper.
It is only natural that ice hockey is becoming increasingly popular with fans of sports betting as well. The ice hockey betting in Indian companies have also reacted to this and have enormously expanded their betting range in recent years – both in terms of breadth and depth. They also offer ice hockey apps in India where you can deposit money in rupees.

The bookmaker sphere is very developed, and ice hockey is one of the most popular sports, so today, you can place a bet on almost any tournament. It is best to bet on status championships, where there are fewer fixed matches and the odds are higher.

The three main tournaments are the NHL, the KHL, and the World Championship, and it is worth stopping at them, at least for a start.

National Hockey League, NHLThe National Hockey League is the strongest and most prestigious ice hockey tournament in the world, featuring Canadian and American professional teams. According to the results of the regular tournament, teams from the NHL advance to the playoffs, where they play the Stanley Cup.October 12, 2021 – April 2022
Ice Hockey World Championships, IHWCThe IIHFederation holds an ice hockey tournament. As the Federation grew, more teams began to compete in the World Championships, necessitating the creation of new divisions. The present World Cup system includes a championship group of 16 teams, the First Division of 12 teams, and a Second Division of 12 teams.May 13, 2022 – May 29, 2022
Kontinental Hockey League, KHLThis is an international league established to promote hockey in Russia and other European and Asian countries. The 14th KHL Championship (2021/2022) contains 24 teams. The KHL Championship consists of two main parts: the regular season and the playoffs.September 1, 2021 – March 1, 2022

How to bet on ice hockey?

To get started, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of ice hockey betting for money. Then the knowledge gained can be applied in practice, and the most convenient way for this is to register on the official web page of an online bookmaker.

Today, there are many bookmaker companies. But not all platforms are suitable for ice hockey online betting. The bookmaker must meet some criteria, which include:

  • Legality;
  • Honesty;
  • Support for major payment systems;
  • Wide hockey line and mural;
  • High odds.

When it comes to a reliable bookier, Mostbet is a good option. Here, you will find all the most popular ice hockey tournaments. What’s more, the company offers high odds and a good bonus system for new players.

Once you have chosen a trustworthy company, you need to select an event and analyze it. A huge plus for the bettor will be regular monitoring of the championship or watching video reviews of the main events. Having extensive statistics can also be beneficial. The user needs to analyze lost and successful bets. All this is done to develop optimal tactics for future winnings.

Main Ice Hockey betting Types

Sports fans who place bets try to choose such types of hockey bets that can bring profit, and all risks will be minimized. As each type of bet provides both the necessary awareness of the fan about a particular sport and the ability to make predictions, the players independently determine where they can win.

We reviewed the main types of ice hockey bets for real money based on the Mostbet official betting company:

  • Outcome bets. This means the victory of one of the opponents (1 or 2) or a draw (X). Since the favorites are invariably offered low odds, it is better to bet on the outsider or a draw. The favorite team can lose points if they lose one or two strong players. Hockey is considered an unpredictable sport, which is why bets are often held here with high odds.
  • Total bets. These bets are the sum of all goals scored in an ice hockey match or period. The player is offered a certain value, most often it is not an integer. The user’s task is to guess whether the teams will score by two goals over the specified number or not.

Handicap bets. As in other sports, this is a bet with a conditional advantage of one of the teams. For example, if you bet -1.5 on the handicap, you want your team to win with the required difference of at least two goals. By betting +1.5 on the handicap, you predict that the team will not lose by more than one goal difference.

Ice Hockey Teams Ranking 2021

The rating system for ice hockey teams and clubs was developed by the IIHF in 2003. The rating is calculated based on the number of points received by a team or club at the last Olympic Games and four World Hockey Championships. For each event, a team can receive a maximum of 1200 points.

The best five national hockey teams for the year 2021 have been ranked in this table.

CountryNumber of points and last position change
2Finland3125 (+1)
3Russia3050 (-1)
4USA2945 (+2)
5Germany2905 (+2)

NHL teams winning odds 2021

With the NHL Championship in full swing, it’s worth checking out the Stanley Cup odds for 2022. The reigning Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning (+550) is not the favorite to win it all for the third year in a row; Tampa is ranked second in the 2022 Stanley Cup standings, behind the Colorado Avalanche (+450).

We looked at the top eight teams in the rankings and their prospects of winning in the 2021/2022 season.

1Colorado Avalanche+450
2Tampa Bay Lightning+550
3Vegas Golden Knights+750
4Toronto Maple Leafs+1000
5Boston Bruins+1400
6Carolina Hurricanes+1500
7Edmonton Oilers+1600
8Florida Panthers+1600

Ice Hockey 2021 Betting Tips

By using various recommendations, you can predict the outcome of the match with a high degree of reliability and make money on ice hockey betting. Below we share with you the best ice hockey betting tips for 2021.

  • Examine the outsider’s psychological and physical state before the match. It’s not unusual for underdogs to win games thanks to the efforts of a few players. In this situation, a bettor can make a lot of money by placing wagers on the handicap or total;
  • Examine the favorite after you’ve analyzed the outsider. If the team’s goal is protected by the reserve goalkeeper or other key players do not go out on the ice, and the team has failed to impress in prior games, this game is likely to be a failure as well. Such a situation is advantageous to an outsider, and the bettor can make a decent probit by ice hockey betting online;
  • Consider the team’s prior matches in the competition when placing a wager. Teams in the NHL are known for their high performance, whereas the KHL and several other tournaments tend to be less effective;
  • Much depends on the players, but the coach is in charge of the team’s well-coordinated efforts. If the coaching staff has changed, the game of the team may have changed as well. As a result, their playing style can drastically shift from this point forward. 

Mosbet for Ice Hockey Bets

The Mostbet official betting company has several dozen sports, but one of the most popular sports is hockey.

Click the “Line” or “Live” buttons to see the ice hockey betting odds and line, then select “Hockey” from the sports menu. Pre-match events usually number between 10-15, but the number varies based on the season. Mostbet offers bets on European championships, international competitions between clubs, and national teams, in addition to the popular KHL and NHL.

The ice hockey action line is also great. The site of the Mostbet bookmaker company offers about 450 variants of outcomes for the KHL/NHL matches. In less popular competitions, the list is about half as large, but it still includes bets on the main markets, handicaps, totals, and bets for certain periods.

Ice hockey betting odds in Mostbet are average. Top event margins range from 3.5% -5.5% (main outcomes). For the additional action line options, this value increases by a few percent.

Other Sports

In addition to ice hockey win betting, there are more than 18 sports represented in the bookmaker’s line, which is quite good for such a young bookmaker in India. The most popular sports are football, tennis, basketball, handball. There are also quite exotic varieties: cricket, rugby, beach soccer, snooker. The current Mostbet line can satisfy the needs of both a beginner and an experienced bettor.

Mostbet offers a wide variety of live sports betting options. On the main page, you will immediately see the “Live” button. By default, on the general page, basic quotes for each match are given – the main outcome, total, and handicap, and a wide list can be opened on the game page by clicking on it.


How do you analyze ice hockey bets?

Before placing a wager, consider the following factors: present form, previous confrontations, standings position, list of injured and disqualified players, and motivation.

What are the top bookmakers for hockey betting in India?

Each gamer selects an ice hockey betting site depending on their individual preferences. We recommend Mostbet ice hockey betting site, a bookmaker with high ice hockey betting odds and a large selection of events.

Is it feasible to gamble on hockey in real-time?

Yes, most businesses provide this service. Not every event or match, however, is available in live mode.

What are the most popular ice hockey events?

The most popular ice hockey tournaments in the world include the NHL, the KHL, and the Ice Hockey World Championship.